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The last few days prior to the events in "Not Fade Away", Angel sent out a secret SOS to anyone he had come in contact with over the years, who would be willing to help him. He knew that there was no way he'd be able to defeat The Circle of the Black Thorn on his own. Buffy and her new army of Slayers reluctantly answered Angel's pleas for help. Even though Buffy and many of the others still thought of Angel as a traitor, they knew it would only be a matter of time before the evil forces in LA, spilled out into the rest of the world.

Among the other allies to answer the call for help are Oz, Gwen Raiden, Connor, Groosalugg and Nina Nash. Oz recently returning from Africa is now in complete control of his werewolf and is able to shift at will. Because of this, he and Nina bond quickly and he begins the process of teaching her how to control her own wolf. Gwen, still requires the device she and Gunn had stole, for her to be able to have contact with others (episode "Players"). Connor is slowly starting to regain memories of his former life. And Groosalugg has vowed to fight 'til the death to avenge Cordy.

Surprisingly, some old foes even come out of the woodworks to help. Eve, having somehow survived the destruction of the Wolfram & Hart building shows up wanting to help. Ethan Rayne has also come to LA to help out. Much to the dislike of the Scoobies, he truly wants to help. Only because if there's going to be chaos and destruction in the world, he wants to be the one causing it.

Another baddie from The Scoobies past also makes an appearance, because of a spell Willow did. Vampire Willow, is back from The Wishverse and even though she hates everyone and would prefer to be the one who kills them, she agrees to help out. Mostly because she has an intense fascination with Willow and she doesn't want to be sent back to The Wishverse only to get staked.

Unknown to Buffy, Angel has also asked for the help form the infamous secret agent couple Riley and Sam Finn. They've just returned from a secret mission and bring some government issue weapons to even their odds a bit.

The new army has set up shop in the abandoned Hyperion Hotel and sewers underneath it. Willow, Lorne and Giles have placed a protection spell on the hotel and also a glamour, which makes it appear from the outside to just be a pile of ash and rubble. To protect themselves, they managed to block most of the sewer lines around the hotel and the surrounding blocks. Most of their work takes them trough the sewers and others lead to secret safe houses, training areas and weapon storage.

With each passing day, new information and secrets are reviled to the group. Such as Dawn's true origins, and Wolfram & Hart's secret back up plan to insure that Angel would never become a serious threat.

Will our heroes survive?

01. Fun is important so have lots of it.
02. This is a thread based game. All roleplaying will be in the community and character journals can be used for character posts or for out of character (OOC) chat. You can post either in third person (he said/she said) or in first person (I said...). Visit tfh_ooc for more OOC information and chats.
03. Slash and femmeslash are welcome.
04. This game will feature adult content (ie. sex, violence, language). If that makes you uncomfortable and you don't want to participate in a storyline like that, tell a mod. We can work something out.
05. Because of the AC (adult content) all threads should be rated and have clear warnings on them.
06. Character death is a possibility. If you want to kill your character just because you don't want to play anymore, then tell a mod and we'll find a replacement, or make up an excuse for your character to be away until we can. If you want to kill your character as part of a storyline, talk it over with a mod also, and we'll work something out or try to.
07. No god-modding. Which means, no killing of other people's characters or controlling them without that player's okay.
08. Original characters are welcome. Since there are new slayers in the world, we're currently accepting five original slayer characters. Also, we're accepting five other non-slayer OCs. You can be a demon, witch or anything else you want (within reason of course). OCs can also be evil.
09. When asked in the application "have you read the rules/info" reply "They got the mustard out".
10. The character list is broken up into four sections; Main Characters, Minor Characters, Evil Characters and Original Characters. It's mainly just to organize things. Even though a character might be under the minor list that doesn't mean they aren't important to the storyline. They're there based on their actual roles on the shows. Same for evil characters.
11. If there's a character from either series you really want to play (assuming they aren't dead) then apply for him/her. If you do want to play a deceased character, talk it over with a mod before hand. We can try to figure out a way to explain their return to the verse.
12. Crossover characters are also welcomed. They'll be considered original characters though, because they aren't connected specifically with either fandom.

Main Characters:
Angel/Angelus - playin_an_angel
Charles Gunn
Buffy Summers - to_save_the_day *
Willow Rosenberg - magickal_willow*
Dawn Summers *
Faith Lehane - shesnotinnocent *
Andrew Wells
Rupert Giles
Xander Harris
Daniel "Oz" Osbourne - justcrywolf *
Riley Finn
Harmony Kendal

Minor Characters:
Gwen Raiden
Nina Ash in_wolfs_shadow *
Samantha "Sam" Finn

Evil Characters:
Vampire Willow - redvampwillow*
Ethan Rayne

Original Characters:
Nora Blake (slayer) - quiet_heroics (bio)
OC Slayer #02
OC Slayer #03
OC Slayer #04
OC Slayer #05
Other OC #01
Other OC #02
Other OC #03
Other OC #04
Other OC #05


Original Character Application:

* For these characters, the mods would like to discuss a separate storyline with you, that will unfold over the period of the game.