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OOC - Mod Post / Application

Welcome to thefinalehour. Comment here with your character application.

For OOC chat, plotting and other things of that nature, visit tfh_ooc

Main Characters:
Angel/Angelus - playin_an_angel
Charles Gunn
Spike - xxbloody_poetxx
Buffy Summers - to_save_the_day *
Willow Rosenberg - magickal_willow *
Dawn Summers - lockless_key *
Faith Lehane - shesnotinnocent *
Andrew Wells
Rupert Giles
Xander Harris
Daniel "Oz" Osbourne - justcrywolf *
Riley Finn
Harmony Kendal

Minor Characters:
Gwen Raiden
Nina Ash in_wolfs_shadow *
Samantha "Sam" Finn

Evil Characters:
Vampire Willow - redvampwillow*
Ethan Rayne

Original Characters:
Nora Blake (slayer) - quiet_heroics (bio)
OC Slayer #02
OC Slayer #03
OC Slayer #04
OC Slayer #05
Jason DeWitt - hisworldcolder (bio)
Other OC #02
Other OC #03
Other OC #04
Other OC #05


Original Character Application:

* For these characters, the mods would like to discuss a separate storyline with you, that will unfold over the period of the game.
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Character Info
Name of Character: Buffy Anne Summers
Character Journal: to_save_the_day
Writing Sample:

A sigh escaped her lips, but her eyes remained resolutely shut against the morning light. Buffy came to consciousness piecemeal, the sound of the fan whirling by her head and of the jazz music playing downstairs slowly penetrating through the fog that surrounded her brain. She wanted to hold onto this feeling for a moment more, just a moment. This pleasant haze where only vague memories and feelings existed, none of the harsh realities needed to be faced if she could just stay here in bed forever.

Heroes, however, did not remain in bed all day when there was peril to be confronted. She would not hide under the sheets, as much as she might wish to. Reluctantly, Buffy opened her eyes, wincing as the harsh light assaulted her gaze from the nearby window, and with it unwelcome memories. The small room with its creaking floors and peeling wallpaper was certainly not her girlhood bedroom. There was no chance that Dawn would come bounding in the door at any second insistently demanding that Buffy let her borrow her pink cashmere sweater for school. No trinkets from high school littered the empty bookcase, there was not a single photo of herself with Willow or Xander to be found on the barren nightstand. Even Mr. Gordo was absent from the simple twin bed. It was not the impersonal room was not depressing, Buffy thought distantly, pushing herself off of the bed, it was the fact that she actually welcomed the unfamiliarity of her new surroundings

Player Info:
Your Name: Marie
Contact Info: sixthxsin (aim) and
How long have you been roleplaying?Forever it feels like, at least 5 years.
Are you new to the Jossverse?Certainly not! I have loved all things Buffy (and recently Firefly) for many years. I'm somewhat new to Angel, however.
Have you read the rules/info? The got the mustard out!

I saw the note about speaking to a mod when applying for this character, and wasn't sure if it was okay to go ahead with the application before doing so. If not-- my apologies!
Welcome Buffy!
I loved how you added Mr. Gorddo to your sample.
I loved that little pig.

It's totally cool that you applied.
The note is just a little thing, nothing important.
There's just a story line that I'd love to play but wanted to clear with those characters before hand.
It's kind of a surprise, so I don't want to give too much away now.
Would you mind if I emailed you and told you more details?
Yay, thanks so much! You made my morning. I love surprises and plotting, definitely feel free to email me. Knowing me, I'll probably be wasting time obsessively refreshing my inbox until you do. :)
Hold Dawn for me? :D


11 years ago

Character Info
Name of Character: Nora Blake
Character Journal: quiet_heroics
Age /DOB: 19
Sex: Female
Height / weight: 5'7, 135
Hair / eye color: Dark brown hair, dark gray eyes.
Human/Not-so-human? Human
Family: Her grandparents, Miriam and Gregory White
Played By: Lucy Griffiths
Character Bio:

Nora is perhaps the last person on earth one would imagine as an all-powerful vampire slayer. She grew up planning on being an artist, and it was only fate that seemed determined to step in and decide otherwise. She has never felt entirely comfortable in her own skin. Raised by her grandparents after her parents' death when she was a baby, there is something old-fashioned about her at odds with the realities of her life. As a young girl, she preferred painting to interactions in the real world, spending most of her days in public gardens around San Fransisco, sketching the wildlife and people she spotted. Since she discovered her attraction to girls, her self-consciousness only intensified. While she had a fairly large group of friends at the Catholic high school she attended, Nora has always been a private person, finding it difficult to share her thoughts with even those she is close to. A keen sense of humor, particularly at her own expense, has helped Nora navigate from adolescence into adulthood without too many teenage traumas.

Discovering her slayer abilities and with Buffy's encouragement, Nora has slowly realized the potential she had buried under her own insecurities. At nineteen, she is finally coming into her own, still hesitant at times but growing more confident in her own skills. She is still easily shocked and overly sensitive, but has come to value those with a more bold approach to life. Nora knows she has a lot to learn, but is willing to challenge herself to the task of becoming a slayer... on most days, at least.

Writing Sample: (first or third person, just to see if you have a feel for the character)

Nora tugged on her lower lip with her teeth, watching the demonstration with silent ambivalence. She quietly rubbed at her side, trying not to wince as the muscles protested the movement. It seemed that years of art lessons on perspective and shading had done little to prepare her for this new life. It would have been helpful, Nora mused to herself with a hint of annoyance, had she had some hint that her time would have been better spent enrolling in gymnastics and kickboxing than in the thematic preferences of the Renaissance masters.

One girl executed an impressive backflip, smiling in triumph as she landed squarely on the mat. Nora rolled her eyes in irritation before quickly casting her gaze downward, in case anyone should have seen her expression. She was graceful enough, years of ballet had ensured that, but Nora seriously doubted if she would ever match the other new slayers. Her aching body said as much, still complaining from yesterday's harsh treatment. As another girl went flipping by with seemingly effortless ease, Nora sighed to herself and leaned back against the wall, stifling another moan of pain.

Player Info:
Your Name: Kate
Contact Info:
How long have you been roleplaying? 3 years
Are you new to the Jossverse? I only got into Buffy and Angel through the wonder that is Netflix. So I would say fairly new, perhaps 2 years of watching both shows.
Have you read the rules/info? They got the mustard out.
I really love your character.

Do you by chance read the Anita Blake books?
A shame that dear old Wes is deceased. He'd surely enjoy such a fine game.
Let me talk it over with the other mod.
Personally I would love it if Wesley could be in this one.
I cried when he died.
hold spike for me?


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

Character Info
Name of Character: Jason DeWitt
Character Journal: hisworldcolder
Age /DOB: 22 / Dec 5th 1940
Sex: Male
Height / weight: 6' / 184lbs
Hair / eye color: Shaggy brown / brown
Human/Not-so-human? Not-so-human
Family: All deceased, that he knows of
Character Bio: Jason was born in Dublin, Ireland, where he lived until five when his parents decided it would be best to immigrate to America. They moved to New Jersey, and shortly after he met Annie Malloy. They became childhood sweethearts and even got engaged before Jason went off to school at NYU.

They planned on getting married the following summer when Jason finished with college, but after he had returned to his home town, things weren't the same as he had left them. Annie was now in love with another man and expecting a child.

Heartbroken, Jason decided to go back to Ireland to visit releatives. It was there that he heard of a myth about a broken hearted man, using a Leprichan charm to take away his soul so he wouldn't feel any pain.

Even though he wasn't one to believe in magic, was desperate and would try anything. He found an old book that had the spell the Leprichan's supposidly used. Surprisingly, the spell had worked but not the way Jason had hoped. With his soul gone, he felt cold, dead inside and hated the person he had become.

He begged The Powers That Be to let him have his soul back, and they agreed on one condition. He had to earn it back. Jason became what he calls a "soul helper" as there is no official term for it. TPTB send him to various time periods and places all over the world to help lost souls find their way back to being whole.

Now TPTB have sent Jason to LA to help Angel and his new army. The only difference his, he doesn't know which soul he's supposed to help.

Over the years he's lost most of his Irish accent, but still manages to hold onto a little bit of his past.

Writing Sample: Jason silently cursed The Powers for sending him to his hell hole. Standing in the loby of the hotel, he could hear all the broken souls calling out to him, like drums beating on his head.

Even They sent him on difficult assignments, he knew who is Charge was and had a relatively good idea of what needed to be done so he could leave. But here, there were too many souls that needed to be fixed.

He doubted that he could help them all, but he had to try. Or at least try until he managed to come across the right one and The Powers sent him off on his next assignment.

Right now, Jason doubted he'd be getting out of LA anytime soon.
Played By: Callum Blue

Player Info:
Your Name: Jade
Age: Twenty
Contact Info: theskybynow on AIM
How long have you been roleplaying? Probably four of five years
Are you new to the Jossverse? Since day one
Have you read the rules/info? They got the mustard out!
Character Info
Name of Character: Dawn Summers
Character Journal: lockless_key
Writing Sample: New Metropolis.

Okay, so not the most creative name in the history of city names, but Sunnydale? Wasn't either. And New Metropolis is so, so much cooler.

Rome was fun. It was a nice holiday. Roman holiday, ha ha. After the big battle with the Big Bad, it was really good to take a break and slum it in Italy with all the cute Italian boys. Buffy loved it. I loved it. And then, weirdly, I didn't.

I wanted to get back to doing something. Buffy couldn't understand, because she spent so long fighting against what she was and not having to be it for a while must've been so awesome. But I was born into it. Well, kind of. I'd always been around it, always been it. Not so much with the fighting, but with the research and the moral support. And now there was nothing to do.

I was bored.

I started looking at schools. Buffy encouraged me, but I could totally tell it was bittersweet for her. She never got to finish school. But I really wanted this and she couldn't stop me. And then the brochure for New Metropolis University came.

I saw, I fell in love, I applied. And now I'm here.

I'm just a regular college student now. Well, a college student with a few demonology books in her tiny studio apartment - hello, dorms? so not my thing - but as normal as I can get, circumstances and all. I have friends, I go to classes, I study. Life's good. Relatively demon-free. A new start, kinda.

I sat down on a bench across from the Superman memorial in Centennial park, took out a textbook from my bag, tucked my legs under me but I didn't read. I stared at the memorial. It meant so much to me. I mean, I know, it matters a lot to everyone, but I really got it. Someone who gave their life to and for the things they believed in. I really get that.

Besides, the memorial is so much more interesting than History of Renaissance Art.
(from journal)

Player Info:
Your Name: Kitty
Age: Nineteen
Contact Info: neverbeforedawn (AIM)
How long have you been roleplaying? Years and years.
Are you new to the Jossverse? Not at all.
Have you read the rules/info? They got the mustard out.

There's a storyline I want to discuss with you, if that's okay.
So you might be getting an IM from theskybynow sometime soon.
Character Info
Name of Character: Lynn Baker
Character Journal: girlofnowhere
Age /DOB: 17 / Feb 14 1990
Sex: Female
Height / weight: 5'8" / 147lbs
Hair / eye color: Redish-brown / Bright ice blue
Human/Not-so-human? Vampire/human hybrid
Family: Decased, Adoptive Mother - Decased, Adoptive Grandfather - Deceased, Father - unknown.
Character Bio: A random vampire sired a pregnant woman in San Diego in the late 1900s. For almost ninety years, she managed to keep the baby alive in her womb, by feeding multiple times a day and staying out of harms way. That was until in 1990 when a Slayer named Carol killed her.

As Carol walked away, she could hear a baby crying. Turning back, she saw Lynn, covered in her mother's ashes. Knowing that Carol couldn't bring herself to kill this baby or leave her to die, she took her in as her own. Her watcher, Nathaniel, thought that it was a wise idea as well.

Carol and Nathaniel moved from San Diego to Los Angeles, to avoid suspiscion. Those who had been close to Carol knew that she wasn't pregnant, and they had no real way of explaining how they came upon this baby. Nathaniel, under the Council's radar, managed to get a birth cirtificut for Lynn.

At first it seemed like Lynn would be a normal baby until she was around one and showed signs of supernatural strength. As time passed, she not only got older, but she got faster, her hearing improved and her eyesight. Though she didn't show any vamapiric signs, asside from being mildly anemic and needing medication for it with the occasional blood trasnfusion. She was immune to crosses, holy water and sunlight.

Lynn knew about vampires, demons, watchers and slayers, thanks to her homeschooling. Carol and Nathaniel explain to her that since she was the daughter of a slayer, she had the same characteristics as one.

It was't until after Carol's death that Lynn found out the truth. Through reading her diaries she discovered she was the first known vampire/human hybrid and how if the Watcher's Council mangaged to get her hands on her, she'd be nothing more than a lab rat.

Two years later when Nathaniel died, Lynn was contacted by Giles. He explained about the newly reformed Council and how he knew her adoptive grandfather and of her slayer abilities. Giles offered to let her stay and train with the other new slayers that they were finding.

Even now after being with them for almost fourteen months, she keeps her true identity a secret.

When Lynn vamps out, she only gets fangs and yellow eyes. It's takes a lot to bring out her full vampire half. More than just a simple fight can cause.

She's also trained in multiple styles of kung-fu and weapons handling. And she plays the guitar and piano.

Writing Sample: Lynn walked around the dingy streets of LA, with no paticular destination in mind and it felt great. She was glad to be back home in the only city she had known.

After moving to England to live with Giles and the other slayers he had there, she felt out of place. Too wild in their posh tamed settings. LA was the place for her, The City of Angels. Where glam met grunge, and there was always a party happening no matter what day of the week it was. Where it didn't matter if you were a girl or guy in eyeliner of if you had a guy on one arm, a girl on the other or hell, even two girls.

Like Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, it's good to be home.
Played By: Alexz Johnson

Player Info:
Your Name: Zoe
Age: 21
Contact Info:
How long have you been roleplaying? Quiet a while.
Are you new to the Jossverse? Seems like an eternity
Have you read the rules/info? They got the mustard out