Buffy Anne Summers (to_save_the_day) wrote in thefinalehour,
Buffy Anne Summers

Where: A cafe in L.A., dusk
Who: Buffy and ?

There were few problems in Buffy's life that were not marginally eased by a fresh latte. She has long ago given up any of the valley girl characteristics of her early adolescence, but a fondness for overpriced and overly caffeinated beverages lingered on. It was strange sitting here alone, Buffy mused to herself, taking a tentative sip of the hot drink as she studied the busy cafe's other occupants. She was so rarely by herself these days, always busy with the other Slayers or Giles. While she enjoyed the unusual peacefulness of her situation, Buffy found solitude inevitably led to contemplations of subjects that were best avoided.

A couple attempted to pass by her small table, hitting her bag in the process. A wooden stake and a crossbow appeared from its depths and Buffy hastily pulled the bag underneath her chair, smiling up in what she hoped was a reassuring fashion at the clearly disturbed couple. It was impossible to travel light when she felt the need for a mini arsenal of weapons on hand, Buffy thought dryly. Without even looking down at the open bag, her hand reached downwards and carefully zipped it closed over the telltale contents. No use scaring the tourists, afterall. Going through security at the airport had been more than enough of a challenge for the week.
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