shesnotinnocent (shesnotinnocent) wrote in thefinalehour,

Who Faith and Vampire!Willow
Where In the tunnles under the hotel
Rated R

I totally get why Angel would set up shop down in the sewers. They're intricate, and hidden from the damage of the hell brewing up in the streets. But damn, that still doesn't help with the icky feeling I get everytime I have to patrol down here. It's all wet and gooey... not fun. Not to mention the smell, though I suppose it could be worse.

Damn.. where am I? Getting caught up in my own head like that, has got me all kind of turned around down here. You'd think being a Slayer I'd have some sense of direction down here but damn, I'll admit it, I'm lost.

I knew I should have taken that map from Angel. But nope, I didn't want to let go of my pride.

Oh well. Guess I'll just walk around til I find something familar. Gotta be careful though, there are different tunnles around here with boobietraps that would even kill a Slayer.

I walk around for another five, ten minutes, before finally coming to an opening that looks familar. There are different cages in here and various weapons and other supplies. For some reason, just walking into the room makes me feel gulity and strangely like I did back in Sunnydale after waking up from the coma.

Wonder why that is...
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