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Who - Angel, Jason and later Buffy
Where - His office
Rating - PG/PG13

Angel laughed at Jason's joke. It was good seeing him again after so long. Probably the last time either them could remember meeting was nearly fifty years before in New York, not long after Angel had ended his self-imposed exile, with thanks to Whislter of course.

In the same respect, Whistler and Jason were a lot of like. Both traveling to help other people. Only as far as he knew, Whistler didn't jump time and space to do so.

Still, he owed his life and his soul to them. Especially the last time to Jason.

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Who: Nora Blake and ? (absolutely anyone and everyone!)
Where: Somewhere in L.A.

Nora was lost. Utterly, completely, thoroughly, hopelessly lost. The small white slip where Buffy had written the directions was barely legible anymore, the blue ink having become blurred from being clutched nervously in her sweaty hand for over an hour. She wished she has dressed differently, her sundress and flip flops had seemed the perfect outfit while sitting poolside earlier in the day but now walking up and down the busy streets of L.A. as it neared dusk, Nora felt ridiculous. Buffy would never end up alone and lost, not even brave enough to stop someone for directions. Nora was absolutely sure of that. Really, would any Slayer be so pathetic?
Sighing loudly, Nora stopped abruptly and sat on a nearby bench, having to gingerly remove a napkin from the pizzeria across the street before she did so. She needed a moment to recollect her thoughts--and figure out which way was north--before trying again. She suspected she looked as helpless as she felt at the moment. She wondered again what strange power had chosen her as a potential. It seemed so ludicrous. She couldn't even navigate L.A. by herself, how could she ever have battled the forces of darkness alone?

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Where: A cafe in L.A., dusk
Who: Buffy and ?

There were few problems in Buffy's life that were not marginally eased by a fresh latte. She has long ago given up any of the valley girl characteristics of her early adolescence, but a fondness for overpriced and overly caffeinated beverages lingered on. It was strange sitting here alone, Buffy mused to herself, taking a tentative sip of the hot drink as she studied the busy cafe's other occupants. She was so rarely by herself these days, always busy with the other Slayers or Giles. While she enjoyed the unusual peacefulness of her situation, Buffy found solitude inevitably led to contemplations of subjects that were best avoided.

A couple attempted to pass by her small table, hitting her bag in the process. A wooden stake and a crossbow appeared from its depths and Buffy hastily pulled the bag underneath her chair, smiling up in what she hoped was a reassuring fashion at the clearly disturbed couple. It was impossible to travel light when she felt the need for a mini arsenal of weapons on hand, Buffy thought dryly. Without even looking down at the open bag, her hand reached downwards and carefully zipped it closed over the telltale contents. No use scaring the tourists, afterall. Going through security at the airport had been more than enough of a challenge for the week.

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Who Faith and Vampire!Willow
Where In the tunnles under the hotel
Rated R

I totally get why Angel would set up shop down in the sewers. They're intricate, and hidden from the damage of the hell brewing up in the streets. But damn, that still doesn't help with the icky feeling I get everytime I have to patrol down here. It's all wet and gooey... not fun. Not to mention the smell, though I suppose it could be worse.

Damn.. where am I? Getting caught up in my own head like that, has got me all kind of turned around down here. You'd think being a Slayer I'd have some sense of direction down here but damn, I'll admit it, I'm lost.

I knew I should have taken that map from Angel. But nope, I didn't want to let go of my pride.

Oh well. Guess I'll just walk around til I find something familar. Gotta be careful though, there are different tunnles around here with boobietraps that would even kill a Slayer.

I walk around for another five, ten minutes, before finally coming to an opening that looks familar. There are different cages in here and various weapons and other supplies. For some reason, just walking into the room makes me feel gulity and strangely like I did back in Sunnydale after waking up from the coma.

Wonder why that is...
W/O - don't know how to let you go

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I don't know why I had to go down there, I really don't.

Okay, well, I do.. there was a book down there I needed, and I didn't think anyone was down there, but that's not the point.

Nope, not the point. Totally opposite of the point, actually.

I didn't expect them to be there. Oz is so.. calm. Not that he hasn't always been, but you can tell there's something different. That he knows who he is now, that he is in control instead of the wolf.

And of course, I couldn't expect him not to pass on those skills to our newest resident werewolf.

It was just a bit of a shock to come down the stairs and see him practically naked, and Nina too. I mean, yes, logically it makes sense. They've been working on shifting back and forth, and clothes don't take well to that.

But still.

In a way, I couldn't help feeling he was still my Oz - the one I'd loved more than anything, and who if I saw him in fifty years in some completely unexpected and random place, I'd know. And I didn't want to feel like that, but when I saw him with her, it just sort of made a pang in my chest, you know?

That and I felt like I was invading, seeing something I wasn't supposed to. I would've just snuck away, but Oz saw me before I could and waved, smiling, like there was nothing weird about it at all. I mutter-babbled something about the book and how I needed it and how I didn't mean to interrupt and please don't even pay attention to me, but what I really wanted to do was run over and tell Nina that in no uncertain terms, Oz was mine.

Even though he's not, and never will be again.
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