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Who Faith and Vampire!Willow
Where In the tunnles under the hotel
Rated R

I totally get why Angel would set up shop down in the sewers. They're intricate, and hidden from the damage of the hell brewing up in the streets. But damn, that still doesn't help with the icky feeling I get everytime I have to patrol down here. It's all wet and gooey... not fun. Not to mention the smell, though I suppose it could be worse.

Damn.. where am I? Getting caught up in my own head like that, has got me all kind of turned around down here. You'd think being a Slayer I'd have some sense of direction down here but damn, I'll admit it, I'm lost.

I knew I should have taken that map from Angel. But nope, I didn't want to let go of my pride.

Oh well. Guess I'll just walk around til I find something familar. Gotta be careful though, there are different tunnles around here with boobietraps that would even kill a Slayer.

I walk around for another five, ten minutes, before finally coming to an opening that looks familar. There are different cages in here and various weapons and other supplies. For some reason, just walking into the room makes me feel gulity and strangely like I did back in Sunnydale after waking up from the coma.

Wonder why that is...
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I hate it here. I hate it even more than I did last time.

But I can't go home. Can't ever go home. Not anymore.

Mostly, I spend my time plotting my revenge for being stuck in this cage, or how to talk someone into letting me out when they come to bring me my blood.

Not that there's much else to do.

But something was different - I heard footsteps, and when I turned, I smelled Slayer. It wasn't the blonde one, though. This one smelled... wilder.

She came nearer and I smiled. "Come to check on the poor little vampire, have we?"
Now I remember why this place is familar and why I feel the way I do. She's down here. Locked away like an anmial. So everyone can forget that she's in our world.

Yeah, okay so what if I still hold a grudge against The Scoobs for doing that to me back in the day. It's not something you get over. No matter how much "redeeming" you do.

Plus this ain't no ordinary vamp. Sure she's a bloodsucker like the rest of em, but the rest of em don't look like sweet innocent Willow Rosenberg. Lemme tell ya, it's a trip. And pretty frickin cool if you ask me.

"Somethin like that" I smirk.

We're a lot alike, me and Red (the fangged version of course). Both wicked, misunderstood, just tryin' to find our place in this screwed up little world.

Which is exactly why, I'm in no hurry to find my way out of here.
I looked her up and down critically, and felt my lips curl into a smirk. Not only was she beautiful, but she actually seemed to want to be around me, unlike the rest of her little friends.

Y'know, I think that's nearly a first in this world.

Couldn't let her know I was onto her, though. Might send her running.

"So, you got something down here you need, or just come to tempt me?"

So I wasn't too worried about her running after all.
Oh yeah, I could totally have fun with her. Which of course, Buffy and them would think is bad because it's wrong. But sometimes being wrong can be oh so right. If ya know what I mean.

"Maybe I've come to tempt you" I say, and flip my hair back over my shoulder, making sure to stick out my chest a little. C'mon girls, time to do your thing.

Just cause I gotta be good, doesn't mean I can't have a little fun now and then.
If I were human, my blood would be boiling by now. Bet she wouldn't even mind if I bit her - not enough to kill, but everyone knows Slayer blood's the best.

I walked up as close as I could get to her and her intoxicating scent, pressing myself up against the bars of the cage.

"We could have a lot more fun if I wasn't stuck in here," I said sadly, with the pout that had melted much harder hearts than hers.
Damn she's good. I knew there was a reason why I liked her.

I saunter over to the cage and stop a little more than a arm's length away and grin wickedly.

"Might if I could. But B and the Boss Man are the only two with access to the key. Sort of killin her and staking him, you're stuck in there babe."

I suck in my lower lip, like I'm thinking really hard about something.

"Doesn't mean we still can't find the fun"
I quirked an eyebrow, intrigued by whatever it was she was thinking. I knew it had to be something good, because in her I sensed a kindred spirit.

"What do you have in mind?"
I move around the room for a minute looking for something, trowing different boxes of stuff out of the way until... ah ha! I knew there'd be a radio down here somewhere. Every emergency kit has one. Or so I'm told.

I put it out, making sure it has batteries, which it does. Then I get out the CD player from my pack pocket, pop it open and place the mix, I'd been listening to earlier in the stereo.

After flipping through a couple a songs I've finally found the one I want. Drums and a heavy bass beat echo of the hallow walls of the room. Oh yeah, I love this song. Nine Inch Nail's "Closer" mashed up with Static X and given a techno vibe. Nothing else like it.

I'm swaying my hips to the beat, running my hands slowly down my neck, over my breasts, down my stomach and then up again.

By the time the vocals start, my eyes are closed and I'm singing along.

"You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you / You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you / Help me I broke apart my insides, help me / Ive got no soul to sell / Help me the only thing that works for me, help me get / Away from myself"
I watch her writhe to a song I've never heard, but its lyrics resonate with me as few do.

I devour her with my eyes, unconsciously mirroring her movements. It's been longer than I'd like since I've gotten to play, and right now I think she'd be the best playmate going.
I open my eyes and see that Red is dancing too. And it's wicked hot.

I lift up my shirt, just so it's below my breast, to show off my toned stomach, while still dancing. Then after a minute, I drop my shirt, and pull down the neck of it, just so she has a glimpse of my red satin bra.
There's a shiver up my spine as she teases me with her shirt - I make a move to taunt her back, letting my fingers tease along the ruffles on my corset, half-hinting at undoing a clasp or two.

But this was a game, and I intended to win.
I lick my lips, oh yeah, she's better than good. But not as good as me.

I dance up to the cage, only a few inches from the bars, and turn my head, showing of my neck. I know that if she really wanted to, she could grab me and take a chunk out of my neck, but she won't.

This is a game of cat and mouse we're playing. Or rather, cat and cat, since neither of us seem willing to play the mouse. I sure as hell know, I won't be a mouse for anyone.

Not even this sexy Willow looking vampire.

And I know she wouldn't be a mouse for me either.

We're both hunters, it's in our blood to play this dangerous game. And to win, no matter the cost.
I reach between the bars to touch her, but she dances out of my reach. She's good, this Slayer. I can't help imagining what she'd be like if she were on my side, stronger and faster than any vamp.

I can feel myself shifting, and I don't know how much longer I can play this game.
I can see she's starting to turn and I have to admit it's pretty damn trippy. It's also insanely hot. I know if this was just any other vamp it wouldn't affect me this much, but she's not and it is.

When she looks at me with bright yellow eyes, I have to resist the urge to rub myself through my leathers. I'm sure she can tell I want to, but I'm not gonna. Ain't gonna let her win this so easily.

She'll have to work just a little harder if she wants some of this. To emphasize my point, I unbutton the top of my leathers, then shake my finger no, and button it up again.

I'm a tease, so what?
I'm tempted to break outta this cage - right now I'm not sure I can't - but that would wreck the game once and for all. Instead, I rub up against the bars seductively, licking my lips and caressing my fangs with my tongue. I know she doesn't want me to see how hot this makes her, but she can't hide it from me.

I tug at the top of my corset, lowering the ruffles dangerously.
Hell, I must be off my game, cuz I'm ready to pop any minute.

She wants out of that cage I can tell. Almost reminds me of tigers I saw once at the zoo when I was a kid back in Boston. They used to rub up against the side of the cages waitin' for the zoo people to rub em.

Oh screw this.

I run over to the bars and grab em, making sure I have a firm grip on it and started tugging. Red gets it and starts pushin against it. We're gonna get this damn thing open if it doesn't kill us.

Two or three tugs and pushes later the door comes flying off the hinges and I almost have to duck to keep from getting beheaded.

Now there's nothing standing between me and this tiger.
It's a good thing my reflexes are faster than a human's, because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to keep from falling on the door, and Faith into the bargain. Not that I'm against falling on Faith. Repeatedly. And nakedly.

In fact, it's only a matter of seconds from the door coming off the hinges to my pinning Faith to the floor and ripping at her clothing.
Her quick movements take me by surprise for a second. But only for a sec, before I'm trying to rip off all her clothes as well.

Usually I'm on top, so it's a little hard adjusting to working from the bottom up. I try to roll us over, but she's got me pinned, and now almost naked save for my bra and my leathers are around my ankles.

Seems almost surprise that I'm not wearing underwear, so I just grin wickedly at up at her. "Gets in the way" I moan seductively before nipping at her ear lobe and neck.
I purr deep in my throat without realizing it, leaning in to lick along her jugular vein.
I know it must be twisted, but I want her to bite me. So bad I almost need it.

I've always wanted to get bitten.

"Do it." I grunt, grabbing her head, pushing her lips harder on my neck.
As I sink my teeth in, I can feel her shudder under me. I slide a hand down to undo her bra, and I play with her nipples as I suckle her neck.
"Oh fuck!" I cry out at first in pain, grabbing a fist full of her firey red hair, but it ends in pleasure.

It's such a rush. Way better than an all night's slay and then screwin after.
I'm careful not to take too much - a passed-out playmate isn't nearly as fun who's alive and kicking, so to speak.

With a last slow lick, I begin to kiss down her body, taking my time and nibbling lightly just where it'll make her the craziest.
Good thing she stopped. Between the adrenaline and sex pumping through my veins I'm starting to feel dizzy. But in a good way.

"Oh, yeahhh Red!" I moan as she makes her way down my body. God this is so hot.
Tweaking her nipple between my fingers, I slowly lick down her body until I reach the sensitive area between her legs.

It's fun to torture her, and I can't resist doing so for just a moment longer, licking and kissing her inner thighs.


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